Small van

Length: 1.50 meters
Width: 1.20 meters
Height: 1.10 meters

Pallets: Up to 1 Standard Pallet

Maximum Weight: up to 500kgs

Small Sprinter


Length: 2.4 meters
Width: 1.20 meters
Height: 1.20 meters

Pallets: Up to 2 Standard Pallet

Maximum Weight: 1,000kgs

medium sprinter

Length: 3.0 meters
Width: 1.20 meters
Height: 1.30 meters

Pallets: Up to 3 Standard Pallet

Maximum Weight: 1,100kgs

large sprinter

Length: 3.20 meters
Width: 1.20 meters
Height: 1.70 meters

Pallets: Up to 3 Standard Pallets

Maximum Weight: 1,100kgs

extra large sprinter

Length: 4.20 meters
Width: 1.20 meters
Height: 1.85 meters

Pallets: Up to 4 Standard Pallets

Maximum Weight: 1,200kgs

7.5 tonne

Length: 6.00 meters
Width: 2.40 meters
Height: 2.40 meters

Pallets: Up to 10 Standard Pallets

Maximum Weight: 2,800kgs

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